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Power & Distribution
1kva to 10,000 kva
upto 33kv Class
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B.E.E. Certified STAR Rated
upto 200kVA.
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Oil Immersed Power & Distribution Transformers

Oil Immersed Power & Distribution Transformers
We are offering conventional/sealed ONAN/ONAF/OFWF cooled, oil imme-rsed single/three phase, 50/60 
Hz Aluminium/Copper Double wound, continuous duty transformers from 5 KVA to 10,000 KVA, up to 37.5 KV class
with ‘A’ class insulation and designed to withstand short Circuit, Impulse & Dynamic Test.

Specification: As per ISO 2026,IEC-76, ANSI, NEPA etc(As applicable)
Product Range: 5 KVA TO 10,000 KVA
Rated Voltage: (a) H.V. : 3.3 KV to 37.5 KV etc.
(b) L.V. : 230 to 11,000 V etc.
Installation: Indoor/Outdoor
Tapping: + 2.5 to -7.5% in steps @ 2.5% each - Off Circuit or with OLTC RTCC AVR arrangement for various
range of voltage variation as per customer’s requirement
Temperature Rise: 50/55ºC of oil/windings (or as per customer’s specification)

Our Mission & Vision

We commit ourselves to total customer satisfaction by delivering quality product. We strive to become an integrated global company engaged in the production and marketing of innovative and effective power transmission and distribution products. Our company and reputation will continue to be built on the foundation of professional and dependable service.

Latest news:

MELCON transformers - Oil & Dry type are approved from CTL upto 33kV Class.
MELCON transformers are approved from B.E.E. - Bureau of Energy Efficiency for Energy Efficient Transformers as per STAR Ratings.